A company with history

Ultra Laboratorios has a long and great history serving Mexican families’ health; its previous company “Proveedora Occidental de Medicamentos S.A. de C.V which had sales offices in eight estates of the Mexican Republic.” goes 30 years back; and those were the pillars of experience in handling, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals that later in time led to the creation of Ultra Laboratorios. Ultra is a 100% Mexican pharmaceutical company created in 2001, originally with a staff of 100 employees whom were engaged to manufacture for private and public markets; nowadays, we have 6 plants, one of them engaged for highly specialized products (oncology products) and with a work force of over 1,400 employees. Being pioneers in the production of generic molecules, we´ve been identified as the laboratory who obtains first a pharmaceutical product when is patent is free; we are a company that offers quality treatments at low cost. Our solid basis, the hard work of its founders, the re-investing in technology and equipment, and the amazing work of our collaborators, have allowed us to become one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Mexico. We at Ultra Laboratorios are deeply engaged in keeping the promise of our promotional slogan: “Where your health is first”.

We distribute products aimed to different specialties:

Analgesic        Anti-depressants

Anti-inflammatory   Anti-spasmodic

Cardiovascular     Anti-epileptic

Hypoglycemic   Anti-ulcerous

Antimicrobial    Antitussive

Antifungal    Anti-rheumatic

Ant-parasitic   Vitamins



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Ultra laboratorios S.A. de C.V. Av. Dr. Roberto Michel No. 2920,

Col. Álamo Industrial, C.P. 44490, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Phones: (01 33) 35 87 23 70, (01 33) 35 87 23 71,

(01 33) 35 87 23 72